Anthropology is the Foundation of Science


Anthropology is the exploration and understanding of human diversity within time and space.  It studies the whole of our condition as human beings: the past, present and future.  Anthropology is based in biology, society, language and culture.  Specific attention is given to diversity, overlap and inclusion that comes through human adaptability.


Linguistic Anthropology

Linguistic anthropology explores language within the context of society and culture.  This investigation incorporates grammar, sounds, vocabulary and variation.


Social/Cultural Anthropology

Social/cultural anthropology examines, describes and explores human diversity within the context of race, gender, class, health, food/food desert and countless other factors that influence and impact human culture/communities.


Biological Anthropology

Biological anthropology examines the impact of environment on the human body as it grows and matures.  It encompasses factors that influence the body as it develops nutritionally, temperature, altitude in addition to cultural influences such as understanding of beauty and attractiveness.



Archeology reconstructs, interprets and characterizes historic/past human lifestyles and patterns through material remains.  It is rich in artifacts created and used by previous communities/populations.  This can include animals, plants, garbage, bones and any other material that tells a story about humanity.


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