Board Members


Monica Hardman

Monica C. Hardman is a retired Master Sergeant from the Oklahoma City Police Department. She retired from there after 23 years in 2011.  She is a co-author of the book Fabulous New Life II along with 18 other beautiful, brave women. She is the mother of three adult children and she has two grandchildren. In her spare time, she enjoys photographing birds, crafting, bible journaling, reading, listening to Jazz, and honing in on her purpose and enjoying life God's way. She also promotes positive and encouraging growth in one’s self and others, on Facebook (#MoniesMoments & #Seeding2018) and in person through speaking. She lives in Spencer, Oklahoma with her husband. 


Dr. Glenn Lane

Glenn Lane is a board member at Heartland Rabbit Rescue and volunteers there for several hours daily (usually 5 or 6 days per week) and has done so for the past nine years. He also feeds a colony of feral cats two days per week. For the past two years he has conducted a small group dedicated to increasing racial literacy. He retired nine years ago from the behavioral health section of the Oklahoma Health Care Authority where he also served as the liaison for the Tribal Health Unit. Glenn retired five years ago from adjunct teaching at USAO. Since finishing grad school in the middle/late 1980s, he practiced psychotherapy, both privately and at various community mental health centers in Texas, Florida and Oklahoma as well as teaching as an adjunct professor at different colleges and universities in those same states. He attended classes at the University of Oklahoma, North Texas State University, Texas Women’s University, East Texas State University and Oklahoma City Community College. He holds an undergraduate degree and graduate degrees in psychology and a community college degree in computer science. Glenn lives with his wife, a cat, and two rabbits in Norman.

Deah Profile Pic

Deah Caldwell

Deah Caldwell currently serves as an Administrative Program Coordinator and Project Manager at The University of Oklahoma. A mother of three children, she is constantly using the world as a playground to teach them about the human experience. Caldwell is a historian by training with an emphasis on feminism, and she is an artist by nature. She has written numerous songs—one of which aired on BBC radio in 2003. She currently keeps a blog of original poetry at, where she enjoys taking historical concepts and using them to highlight human emotions. Both history and art, especially poetry, is how she makes sense of and takes snapshots of the human experience.

Dr. Wonderful Faison

Wonderful Faison is the Chair of the English Department at Langston University.  She holds a Master of Arts in English, Composition and Rhetoric, a Master of Education, and a PhD in Philosophy with a focus in Writing, Rhetoric and American Cultures.  Wonderful has over 20 years of informal/culturally based knowledge and experiences with historically overlooked communities.

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Jana Lewis Harkins

Jana has worked tirelessly in Oklahoma communities on various civic, political and educational endeavors for over 35 years.  She serves as the chapter president of OSCPA - Oklahoma City, state president of the Oklahoma Federation of Democratic Women, and is currently serving on the ACLU of Oklahoma Board of Directors for the third time!  She is the recipient of numerous recognitions for her activism, including the 2011 ACLU of Oklahoma Angie Deob Civil Liberties Award.  She was inducted into the Oklahoma Federation of Democratic Women's Hall of Fame in 2013.  Jana has over 30 years of analytical skills in corporate accounting and finance with a local medical device manufacturing company following her "first retirement".  She is a wife, mother, and grandmother and believes that the love of one's family is life's greatest blessing.

Denise Chambers

Denise is a Public Health Advocate and Communications Professional. She comes from a large family with various dynamics in the group. The experiences and interactions from her loved ones and life have helped shape and develop an insatiable desire to support the residence of human relations. She has a Bachelors in Complementary and Alternative Health Education and Certificates in Massage Therapy and Global Health.


Cedric Currin-Moore

Cedric Currin-Moore graduated from Sterling College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education and a minor in Biology. While in college, Cedric played football, ran track and worked with children from the community. After graduation, he worked for 14 years as a professional educator; teaching, tutoring and coaching children of all ages. Cedric has worked in the Expanded Learning field for over ten years as a consultant, STEM Director, professional development trainer, and instructor. As the Urban League’s STEAM Director, Cedric is able to combine three of his passions: the STEM field, networking with new people and being an ambassador for youth. He has witnessed the positive impacts that afterschool programs can have on the social and academic lives of middle and high school students.


Celeste Jean-Roy

Celeste Jean-Roy has a Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Studies with a minor in Clinical Research and a Master's Degree in Human Relations.  She also has a certificate in Development and Diversity.  Celeste is  a wife, mother, grandmother.  Nonprofit work has always been her passion.

2020 Board Meeting

Saturday, January 18 and Saturday, April 18

Saturday, July 18  and Saturday, October 17

Time:  11:30 am. to 2:00 pm

Location:  Thick Descriptions/3810 N Tulsa, OKC 73112

Contact for more details.