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Snapshot of September 2019 Newsletter

Revisiting the Past:  A Look at Thick Descriptions 2018 Gala/Fundraiser Part II

by Monica Hardman
Date Night at the 2018 Thick Descriptions Gala/Fundraiser!

Monica: "Hey, Thick Descriptions is having a gala and I have to be there, and I have to work it. Do you want to come with me?"Monica's Hubby: "Sure, I’ll come. When and what time? Ok, remind me." This was my conversation in 2018 when Thick Descriptions had their first event, their first Gala. Being the first major event for us we were hoping that everything fell into place and everyone would enjoy themselves. I was hoping my husband would enjoy it to and not just think of it as a “husbandly duty” with his wife. Fast forward to arriving and setting everything up my night of work (mostly) turned into a date night at the Gala. He was conversating with people he knew and conversating with people he didn’t know. We danced to an awesome DJ music.

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