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Snapshot of June 2019 Newsletter: From My Lens

Know everything there is to know about the history of Oklahoma and animals of our past? Most likely not but many human beings believe they have a "good understanding of history".... really?!!? I suspect we have AN understanding of these two topics and several more however the stories we know and repeat are typically from a limited perspective and, in all transparency, that's problematic when ONE GROUP's understanding becomes THE history. Even if you’re an expert on everything from Oklahoma phytology (plants) to Oklahoma oil, not only do these well-worn topics have far more to offer than most people realize but so does the entirety of human history itself. Our collective past — from the first populations of Oklahoma through the turn of the 20th century and into the modern era — is brimming with astounding discoveries, captivating characters and, historically overlooked perspectives that we must talk about. Whether it’s an ignored history like the Tulsa Race Riots or the historical influence of aviation in Oklahoma, these interesting and often overwhelming historical facts reveal information you definitely didn’t learn in high school.