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We Can All Be an Anthropologist, Correct?
by Cedric Currin-Moore

I recently read an article about anthropology.  It was a reminder that anthropology is the only science that studies natural and social sciences.  A component within the social sciences is linguistics, the study of language/dialect/words.  Within the article, author Mathew Engelke examines the value and purpose of specific words such as civilization, culture, value/values, blood, identity, authority, reason and nature.  His idea is that, as readers learn about these nine words, we learn to think critically about our own assumptions regarding people across the globe who may seem "exotic" or not viewing others as humans. The trick, Engelke explains, is to avoid exoticizing these "others" (we will address "othering" in detail at a later time) and, at the same time, also to avoid "reducing cultural differences to the point of in-consequence." That balance sits at the heart of good anthropology.

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