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The Miseducation of Our Children

Article by Monica Hardman, Retired Oklahoma City Police Officer and Thick Descriptions Board President

Are we being culturally indoctrinated, rather than taught, in American schools?

As the summer comes to end and it has been imperative that the schools for our children be reopened for their education…Why? We are in a time when something is running rampant through this world, not just through our country, but through this world. And that something is the coronavirus. So, why is it so important for our children to go back to school, inside a building, inside a room, face-to-face? I have heard so many reasons for them to go back to school. I know that there is where our children learn social skills. They learn how to develop and maintain friendships, how to act and behave around others, and how to get along with others outside their family. At least that is what the CDC/Government says. And that the low-income and minority children and those living with disabilities are far less likely to have access to private instructions and care and far more likely to rely on key school supported resources like food programs, social education services, counseling, and afterschool programs to meet basic their development needs. Oh, and by the way, they need to learn. The CDC/government makes this argument about our children returning to school, along with issues of safety, physical activities, and that the spread to the children is low (children are less likely to get the coronavirus/COVID- 19. And that the children not being in schools is just disruptive for our children all around. They say, we need our children to return to school so that they learn and develop into productive members of our future society.

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