Here's what we're building, together, here at Thick Descriptions:

STEAM Learning Journeys

Thick Descriptions' Learning Journeys are opportunities for students to interact with Science, Technology, Engineering, Anthropology, and Math (STEAM) hands-on and in the real world.  Each learning journey is tailored to the community, giving specific attention to their culture, language, educational background, history, religion, race/ethnicity, physical environment and other factors that contribute to their unique identity.

We collaborate with local educational institutions, governments and organizations creating an engaging experience specific to each group.

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STEAM Learning Journeys Continued

From these experiences, young minds develop a nuanced understanding of their communities which weaves natural/social sciences, STEAM, into their daily lives.  This process connects the personal to their future professional lives, providing a realistic and attaining approach to their choices within Oklahoma, the United States and the world.

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