Meet the Team

Thick Descriptions is a team of individuals invested in the meaning and execution of anthropology.  We address in particular broader questions of science, both natural and social, providing rich, in-depth and provocative examinations of human identity and how the complexity of our identities influences, impacts and engages with each other independently and collectively.  Our team acknowledges and untangles “those elephants in the room” providing transparency with a goal to attain mutual understandings.

Suzette V. Chang

Founder & CEO

Suzette is an Information Advocate.  Her focus is the politics of human identity and how “labels” influence and impact humans as we function and interact with each other.  She gives specific attention to “historical labels”, their meaning during the past and how those meanings impact the present and shape our understandings of the future.  Suzette has a Masters in Cultural Anthropology and a Masters in Library and Information Studies from the University of Oklahoma.


Amanda Bradford

Science Empowerment Leader

Amanda is the Town Clerk for Boley, Oklahoma and was born in this historic African American town.  She graduated from Boley High School, is the mother of three beautiful girls and, attends Rose State College, pursing a Health Sciences Degree with a focus in Nursing.  Amanda brings a long and consistent background in Health Education for historically overlooked communities.   She will weave her knowledge and experience in science(s) for youth, teens/tweens and adults

Mary Bowler

Science Empowerment Leader

Mary is a graduate from UCO with a masters in Early Childhood Education, currently working as a 4th grade teacher at FD Moon Academy. She studied abroad in London to discover how she can incorporate international teaching techniques into the classroom. Mary has a passion for STEAM because it opens up opportunities for children to be inventors and creators.

Allisyn Burleigh

Science Empowerment Leader

Allisyn Burleigh has a Masters in Early Childhood Education from University of Central Oklahoma.  She teaches Pre-K at a metropolitan Oklahoma City Public School and is an inline English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher for children that live in China.  Allisyn believes discovery and exploration is the gateway to lifelong learning.

Gulnaz Tabynbayeva


Gulnaz Tabynbayeva is a fellow of the Community Engagement Exchange Program sponsored by the United States Department of State.  She previously worked as a Project Assistant at IOM – UN Migration in Kazakhstan.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and International Relations, and a minor in Sociology.  Gulnaz is passionate about social activism, and initiated projects aimed to raise awareness about gender issues and empower women and girls in her community.

Brandy Myles

Science Empowerment Leader

Brandy lives in Oklahoma City, loves her dog, children, grandchildren and, comes from a multi-ethnic background. Her nickname is “Ms. B” and, she is an elementary school counselor.  Ms. B brings to Thick Descriptions an academic background in family counseling and criminal justice.


The work of Thick Descriptions would be impossible without the partnership of amazing and talented volunteers. If you are interested in getting involved, click here for adult leaders.  And here for non-adult leaders.

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