What Drives Us

What Drives Us

Cultural Innovation founded in Anthropology

As an organization whose work is based in anthropology, Thick Descriptions values the unique approaches to the natural and social sciences that exist in cultures around the world. Thick Descriptions understands that all human culture represents the lived experiences of people and communities; the contributions of innovators from a variety of backgrounds representing diverse perspectives are necessary for us to cooperate toward a more functional and healthy world. This collaborative, technological innovation is key to the refinement of more sustainable communities and global systems.

Our Mission

Thick Descriptions exists to transform communities through a commitment to the natural and social sciences educationally rooted in anthropology. We provide educational resources to help communities better understand themselves and each other. Through partnerships with educational institutions, corporations and community organizations, Thick Descriptions supports existing efforts and initiates new projects to teach the skills necessary to build healthier and more sustainable communities.


Anthropology is the Foundation of Science
Thick Descriptions’ commitment to the natural and social sciences begins with an understanding that our understandings of ourselves, each other, and the world around us are filtered through the lens of our own cultural experiences.

Education for All
Thick Descriptions is committed to bringing science empowerment and cultural intelligence education to those who have historically faced educational barriers both seen and unseen and to communities that overlooked those impacted by these barriers.

Thick Descriptions values the science and culture fields because of their potential to move us closer to knowledge driven, healthier and more sustainable communities. Our educational mindset is humanity-centric.

Better Together
Thick Descriptions values the unique attributes of the world’s human cultures, and we believe that we work best when we work together. People from all cultural backgrounds have made and will continue to make essential contributions to understandings of science and culture for the betterment of the human community.